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Questions and Answers

What is the role of local government?

It is important that we understand the relationship between the government and the community. The government is not a ruling body and must always remember that it is of the people and responsible to the people. The community, the true ruling body, elects officials to carry out specific business on their behalf. That means that every dollar the government has at its disposal is from the community it represents, and so it must spend every dollar very carefully with the consent of the community. The government's role in Baldwinsville is to promote business, protect private property rights, ensure public safety, and to maintain infrastructure, all done efficiently and with the least amount of intrusion in the lives of each member of the community.

Why are you running for Mayor of Baldwinsville?

I am a family man. I am member of this community and a home owner. It is important that we preserve our community for both ourselves and our children's future. In a time when many businesses and people are leaving NYS it is important that government is small, non-intrusive, and efficient. There is no better way to achieve this then in our own local community here in Baldwinsville.

What will you do while in office?

I want to ensure taxes stay low and that services are provided at the lowest cost with the highest quality. What that means is that I will review every contract and agreement that the Village maintains and go over them with a fine tooth comb to make certain that each is cost effective and needed. I will listen to business owners and members of the community about issues that affect them and work with them to come up with solutions. I will also continue to coordinate with the town governments to guarantee that people are getting services at the lowest cost. I believe the essential job of a mayor is to allow the community to grow on its own with limited input from the local government. But, I also believe that when the people entrust the government with certain duties, the government has the responsibility to provide those duties and to ensure that they are functioning as flawless as possible while operating at a cost that does not require a heavy tax burden on anyone.

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